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Tested out 5.11's Station Grip gloves to see if it's suited for Spartan Race. It definitely provides for some solid grip for both ascend and descend. We find that it would be most useful for those with sweaty palms, as the glove accords the traction that you need and more than ample protection from rope burn (should your strength wear out).

The downside seems to apply only to those with skinny hands/digits. Designed for military use, Station Grip is quite streamline and would generally fit most hands snugly. But no design can possibly cater to every variable. Hence those with skinny hands will still find a bit of room to wiggle and this might translate to slight loss of traction up on the ropes.

That said, retailing at $51 at Sheares Technology on Selegie Road, it is definitely bang for buck. For those serious about adventure sports, obstacle races and extreme fitness, the Station Grip isn't something to consider - it is a MUST HAVE!

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