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OCR Newbies series - Warm Ups

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Ever wonder how to kickstart your first Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) journey?

Me too.

That's why we have started this blog to show you all things and everything about OCR - for newbies.

This is a series of guide that teaches you how to minimize impact / injuries while doing obstacles. It will be released in different bitsized so stay tuned. Do share with us your feedback / experience so we could add in more contents that will benefit the fellow OCR Newbie community.

The trainer for this mini enablement series is Coach Sadali - it is conducted at KA13, which is the place where he trains newbies for obstacle racing.

And… the person behind the video and this blog is a fellow OCR Newbie (which can be anyone, including you) who is trying to learn from the trainer, so let’s see what the expert has to say.

Here goes!

Lesson 1: Warm Ups

I think that warming up before taking on an obstacle course is very important especially for a newbie because you just don’t know what kind of screw ups might happen during a race. Your body will betray you just when you least expect it to, for eg: spraining your shoulder while climbing monkey bars.

So ever wonder what are the appropriate warm ups for obstacles? We have just the right quickstart video for you that helps you to warm up your upper, mid and lower body.

Warm Up Video is broken down into 3 parts:

1. Cardio - Running / Jumping Jacks

2. Upper Body - Pull Ups / Push ups / Arms Stretch

3. Lower Body - Twisting Lunges / Trunk Bending

Check it out here:

Hope it helps! Any feedback is welcome.

*this video is just a quickstart to warm-up exercises and is meant to augment (not replace) your existing regime

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