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1st PT session for Semeru Climbers

These climb enthusiasts are planning to scale Mt Semeru in Indonesia. So they aren't just getting physical training, they're also being grilled to function as a team. (.... oh we love grilling     )

Teufelsberg Run

At 110m and being the highest land elevation in Berlin, we couldn't resist running up Teufelsberg. Definitely a treat


RISE from your ashes

Life has a way of knocking down even the sturdiest of us. But it is only so that we will learn to pick ourselves back up again. We can choose to wallow in self-pity for the rest of our lives or RISE for tomorrow with our head held high.

Rope Setup

To add on some ruggedness to our training regime, we decided to mount a vertical rope. Measuring about 3m, it makes for a sweet climb to an upper body workout :)

 Slip Disc Remedy 

Those suffering from Slip Disc (Herniated Disc) tend to slow down their physical activities. Some gave up altogether. Either way, a common outcome would be an ever-growing tummy. But that only adds to the problem of Slip Disc. Building on the core is perhaps the best solution for such a predicament.

FitFun Challenge

Challenged the neighbourhood kids to some fitness fun. No convincing necessary, they all gamely joined in :)


Piling on the pounds and always finding yourself unable to find the time or space to exercise? You are procrastinating! Yup, that's all it is. You are giving yourself excuses after excuses. Get off your lazy behind and start building a good habit, just like brushing teeth. Twice a day, everyday!


Running might be out for you. But you can still have a great full body workout that's very demanding.

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