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Altamis Tattoo

1. Peel off the clear plastic surface that protects the tattoo.

2. Choose a spot on your body to position the tattoo. Clean it with alcohol swab.

3. Place the image face-down on your body. Note how you want it to appear to other people.

4. Firmly press a damp (but not soaking) cloth or sponge over the back of the tattoo.

5. Hold it in that position for at least 60 seconds. This will get you the most complete image. Try to move as little as possible.

6. Take off the cloth/sponge.

7. Gently grab a corner of the paper with two fingers and slowly peel off a little bit. If the image looks weird or isn't sticking to your skin, put the cloth/sponge back on and wait for another 30 seconds. If it does look good then continue to slowly peel.


8. Wait another minute for it to dry, remembering not to move the areas you tattooed so it'll stay smooth.


Boom! Your Altamis temporary tattoo is ready.

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