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Vertical Ropes are a common feature in army camps. But it's hard to find any at the hundreds of fitness corners around Singapore. And the few that you can find are way too low to be of much benefit. The primary reason for this is safety; other than blisters one might develop on the fingers and palms, losing grip at the height of the climb can lead to a nasty fall. The kiasi overprotective Singapore parent kicks up a fuss and the Town Councils naturally played it safe by having none. The other reason is maintenance; the ropes being a chore to mount and maintain, lest it breaks and lead to accidents.

So we decided to mount one of our own. It was a challenge finding a suitable tree. It has to be a) sturdy enough to hold the weight b) high enough for a good climb c) has ground that is level and not covered by undergrowth and d) a location that would be conducive yet not attract too much attention from the kiasis. But find a tree we did. On a field across City Plaza Shopping Centre, you'll find the tree in the picture above. It has been tested and I've personally climb it more than 10 times as part of a training circuit that I'm creating. I hope you have fun training on the rope too :)

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